How to set mp3 files as ringtones on AT&T Pantech Link

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For AT&T Pantech Link users, to transfer mp3 files that you want to set as ringtones, please note that these mp3 files should be smaller than 300KB, as music larger than 300KB cant be set as ringtones. So you need to make sure the mp3 files you transferred to from PC to your phone is less than 300KB.


Let’s go to the steps of setting mp3 files as your link phone ringtones


Step one, transfer mp3 files that you want to set as ringtones from PC to pantech link via Windows Media Player


Step two, Press Menu > AT&T Music > Music Player.


Step three, Select the categorize using U/D.


Step four, Select the file using U/D


Step five, Press Options > Set as Ring Tone.


Please remember that during playback, the file can not be set as ring tone. You cannot set a file larger than 300 Kb as a ringtone.


You are done!

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